Innovania Republic


Innovania was developed as an imaginative exercise as well as a sanctuary and a conceptual outlet for creative people.  Although it has a physical manifestation in terms of actual dirt and infrastructure, its primary presence is as a state of mind or being.  Innovania is  a consequence of mental constructs by its founder, combined with the ideas, input, support and encouragement of fellow citizens, friends, family, colleagues and associates.  It is intended to be in a continual state of change, modification, development and improvement.  We welcome participation and involvement from our citizens and all interested parties.  (email us at:

Innovania (“The Creative Country”) was declared an independent nation (officially classified a “micro-nation”) on December 7, 2012.  Independence Day is celebrated annually on the birthday (December 7) of its founder and President for Life, Dr. Ben Carlsen.  Dr. Carlsen is an experienced Leader, educator, consultant and author.

Major milestones include:

2012-Creation/Inception, President assumed office ; 2013-Constitution created/adopted;  2014-Internet address secured ( ;  2015-renovation of Presidential Mansion;  2016-Website developed, National Anthem written (by acclaimed songwriter), unofficial diplomatic visit to Denmark, Spain, and Italy, application to League of MicroNations;  2017-Official flag designed (by top Graphic Artist), President visits China.

Innovania is one of the world’s smallest nations  in terms of land mass, but its international influence is disproportionate to its size (0.5739 acres). Legal description: Rio Hondo Original Townsite Park L (97521) 55-0000-5120-000.
Innovania is officially classified as a “micro-nation.”

Located in the southeastern area of the State of Texas within the United States of America, Innovania is in a semi-tropical climate zone approximately 25 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and 35 miles north of the Mexican border with the U.S. The area is generally known as the Rio Grande Valley and is situated on a plain adjacent to semi-arid sections of Texas. The country of Innovania borders the Arroyo Colorado river (a navigable body of water) on Southern side, privately owned properties in the City of Rio Hondo (Texas) on the East and West, and a public access road on its Northern border.
Specific geographic coordinates for Innovania are: 26°14′4″N 97°34′53″W (26.234451, -97.581364).

A photo of the Innovania V.I.P car with the official                                                                                           national license plate.